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This picture (of the different people) is one that represents the problem with the world today.  People aren't respecting their racial heritage. This photo was found in a "Christian" magazine. We think it is disgusting the way the modern churches have called the truth of God lies and lies of the Jews - truth.  We are lucky enough to go to a small church that stands up for true Christian teaching - including the abomination of race mixing and that correctly teaches Jesus was a white man of our same blood. Some people outright turn their back on their white brothers and sisters, but most of them just shrug their shoulders and look the other way.  

This song is about the emotional conflict that so many average people must come to terms with.  They know that white people are under assault and there are a lot of things they don't feel is right about the world, but they won't take the time to consider the future of their race.  We are happy and secure knowing that we fight for God, race, and nation.  We have love in our hearts for our white brothers and sisters and hatred for no one.  White people around the world, its time to end your doubt and stand up for your future.



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