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Dear Charity and Shelby,

Your music has brought meaning to my life.  Your lyrics are powerful and inspirational. Keep up the good work my Aryan Sisters.

Rhode Island



Awesome!!!!!!!Loved every song on your CD Aryan Awakening.  Can't wait for the next CD to come out.

New York


Dear Pendergraft Sisters,

I live in London and just wanted to tell you that your music ROCKS!  It knows no bounds and is sure to be appreciated by white people all over the world.  You are an inspiration to us all.

United Kingdom



Thank you for putting out a CD that my family can actually listen to.  No hate, violence, swearing - just good solid white nationalist song writing.  You make us proud!



Dear Charity and Shelby,

Wow!  fantastic CD.  Great songs AND you play all your own instruments - no computer instruments - very impressive!




I love your songs, "Aryan Warrior" and "Reflections".  Very thought provoking and great tunes!




Just got your latest CD in the mail, Standing Our Ground.  Two CD's in two years.  I think you'll be around a long time.  Keep up the good work.



Dear Charity and Shelby,

I love your newest CD and was proud to see you on a news show here in France.  Very beautiful and talented you are.  Thank you 




Thank you for sending your new CD.  I received it quickly and am really enjoying it.  I'm very impressed that you write all your own lyrics and music and you're not just a studio band.  You're great.



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